Essential Contacts At netPolarity

We are here to answer your questions and help you resolve any issues you may encounter during your assignment. To provide you with the staff member who can best handle your matter, please select from the following:

Direct deposit/paychecks/timecards.

netPolarity’s Payroll Department can help. Please send our team an email:

Withholding (federal/state) election forms.

You can obtain withholding election forms from our HR Department:

Company policies, employee handbook.

You can access our company handbook on Benetrac:

Expense reports.

Teresa Le in Payroll can help you with your expense reports and answer your questions. You can reach her at : 408-385-8901 or

Expense report checks.

Expense checks are handled by our Accounts Payable Department. You may reach them at

401(k) Plan

Our 401(k) plan is handled by John Hancock Participant Services. You can reach them at 1-800-395-1113

Paid leave requests? (where applicable)

Bianca Valladares in Human Resources can answer your questions about paid leave requests, where applicable. Her direct line is 408-385-8914, 

Clarification of company policies, employee relations.

Cathleen Fucci, Human Resources Manager


Benefit plan questions, COBRA, workers compensation, disability claims

Cathleen Fucci, Human Resources Manager


Travel policy

Bianca Valladares, Human Resources

Direct: 408-385-8919

Address/name/phone number changes, dependent changes (add/delete/birth/marriage/divorce)

Bianca Valladares, Human Resources

Direct: 408-385-8919

Insurance benefits & enrollment dependent changes (add/delete/birth/marriage/divorce)

Insurance claims & enrollment issues

Tracey Fraser, IBP Insurance Services

Direct: 408.363.6006

All other issues not listed here...

Contact the netPolarity Main Office:

900 E. Campbell Ave.

Campbell, CA 95008

P: 408-971-1100 Toll Free: 866-971-6911

F: 408-385-8975