Why be a contingent worker?

As the modern American workforce becomes increasingly more specialized, today’s talent demands greater flexibility and control than what traditional employment models can offer.

The “temporary worker” is no longer limited to filling in for an absence or to support an uncertain surge in production. Today’s temporary workers play a significant and impactful role in the forward momentum of the organizations they support. Corporations engage contractors to fill fixed term needs for highly specialized skill sets at various levels in Engineering, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Marketing and Creative, Administration and other Professional Services.

A 2015 report published by the Deloitte University Press shows us the changing dynamics of employment landscape: it is estimated that as many as 30-40% of the American workforce today are contingent, and 51% of corporations surveyed report that their need for contingent workers will continue to grow over the next three to five years. This trend is driven by many factors, among them an increased desire for flexibility by today’s multigenerational workforce.

There are various motivations why contract employment is becoming more attractive to the modern workforce:

Try before you sign. Contract employment allow prospective employees to evaluate personal fit before committing to permanent employment at a company.

Opportunity to audition. As hiring cycles continue to get lengthier and costlier for internal hires, many have found that contract employment is an excellent way to gain an advantage over other candidates. While others are interviewing, our contractors have one foot in the door, delivering results — and getting paid for it.

Get in faster. As corporate hiring processes get longer, contract employment offers hiring managers a channel in which to fast-track talent acquisition for urgent needs.

Opportunity to specialize and level up. Workers who wish to specialize in a niche skill set or technology find that contract employment gives them access to a wide variety of project choices in which they can hone their skills and challenge themselves to the next level.

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