Our mission and vision

The mission of netPolarity is to be a leading full-service global supplier of workforce procurement solutions. We empower and enrich the lives of everyone we touch by “bridging the gap” between world class organizations and contingent workers.

Our vision is building a brand based on integrity, reliability, quality and professionalism; and to be the first supplier that clients think of when the best talent is needed as well as the employer of choice for contingent workers. Our name is synonymous with the best service offerings in the industry.

What We Stand For
netPolarity is built on a set of everlasting concrete values. We pride ourselves on exceeding both our clients’ and our contingent workers’ expectations, without ever compromising our core beliefs.  Here are the values and commitments that we proudly stand by.

We deliver what we promise. There is nothing more important to us than our word.  Our reputation speaks for itself.

We commit to maintaining the highest ethical standard in all of our dealings with clients, contingent workers, employees and vendors.  Ethics is not part of our business plan; it is a way of life.

We strive to earn the trust of those we work with, and work even harder to keep it.

Speed & Urgency
We cultivate talent pools in every niche skill set that are ready to be deployed in a moment’s notice. We understand the competitive nature of business and treat every request for resources with the utmost sense of urgency.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Teamwork makes us resourceful and dynamic. We have dedicated account support teams and every player understands their role and how to work together to achieve a common goal.

Mutual Success
We measure our success only through your achievements and progression.  We create win-win situations that are fundamental to a good business relationship.

We are innovative thinkers living outside the box.  We feed on new ideas and embrace changes that promote greater success.

We treat our clients and candidates with mutual respect, negotiating and compensating fairly.  We do not lose our heads in dispute; rather we find solutions and come to agreements that benefit all parties.

Customer Service
We recognize the value of good service. We act promptly and responsively to all clients’ and candidates’ questions or concerns.  We find swift resolution with respect to time and urgency.

We understand that quality is paramount and nothing is to be sacrificed when delivering services with great speed.  Razor sharp focus on details and intense scrutiny is built into every step of our delivery model.

Long-term Relationships
We establish every relationship with the goal of it being long-term.  Our success has been driven by repeat and residual business with our long-term clients, contingent workers, employees and partners.

Partnerships & alliances
We value the strength of partnering and collaborating.   We rely on key partnerships and strategic alliances to deliver a comprehensive solution to a greater mass of buyers.

We respect your confidentiality and the need to protect proprietary information.  We maintain confidentiality throughout the course of our relationship and after with all clients and candidates.

Equal Opportunity
We do not discriminate or segregate towards any ethnic backgrounds, color, race, gender, religious or political beliefs.   We are a melting pot and embrace diversity in our internal staff members, contingent workforce and vendors.