Creating the next generation of elite recruiting professionals

Excellence in recruiting at our core.

At the core of the talent acquisition powerhouse known as netPolarity is our high-performance workforce made up of the best trained Recruiters and Sourcing Analysts in the staffing industry.

MARS (Master Accreditation in Recruiting and Sourcing) is the growth engine that drives netPolarity forward. We empower our Recruiters and Sourcing Analysts from the start with industry-best training and keep them performing at their best through continuous professional development.

All Sourcing analysts and Recruiters we hire go through the MARS-Elite certification process beginning with month-long classroom instruction covering employment law, critical technology concepts, skills-based and behavioral interviewing methods, complex sourcing techniques, candidate management, rate negotiations and post-hire employee care.

Only those who finish the class and pass the exam are eligible for a one-year recruiting or sourcing residency at netPolarity, required for MARS-Elite certification.

The premium training we provide, combined with a demanding and diverse requisitions load as well as a company culture that celebrates perpetual learning, make netPolarity a staffing organization of choice for aspiring sourcers and recruiters.

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