Comprehensive Interview Preparedness Guide

A 2014 Careerbuilder survey of 2,201 hiring managers revealed the most common blunders that caused them to reject a candidate based on their interview: 55% appeared disinterested. 53% spoke negatively about current or former employers. 49% answered their cell phones or typed a text message during the interview. 39% appeared uninformed about the role; 33% […]

Common Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

The goal of the job interview is to determine whether you are the right candidate for the role, that you have the right skills required for the job, and that you fit in with the team. While each interview is different, some questions are asked frequently because they accomplish the objectives. The following are some […]

The Client Interview — The Three Phases And What To Expect

It is normal to be nervous about a job interview, especially when it is for a role you really want. Knowing what to expect can help reduce interview anxiety. Most job interviews can be broken down into three phases: Introduction, Getting to Know You, and Closing.  Here’s what you can expect at each stage: I. […]